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Xishan park exhibition began more than 80 kinds of fine lotus lotus buds appear

Date: 2014-06-12

High-quality goods on June 11, the western hills lotus exhibition officially kicked off, lotus flower show this year's theme is "' Dutch '(and) as expensive,' lotus' (budget) for the beauty, for" lotus ", affection to "load" place ". Park has exhibited a total of more than 80 varieties, 1500 cylinder (basin) boutique lotus, attracts many visitors to take photos as a souvenir.
In the morning, the reporter comes to xishan park, in the order of attractions to see in the park, a pool of lotus flowers in bud or stretch in full bloom, very beautiful. The wind xu, the fragrant lotus let a person feel refreshed. The order with more than 1000 near the cylinder also in succession in all kinds of high-quality goods lotus open. Citizens Huang Shijin work in a travel companies, at ordinary times the hobby photography, looking and searching, in the park the day he took the SLR kept taking photos. "Spent more than an hour here today, good harvest, took a lot of photos, the lotus is very beautiful. But feel this year the lotus open late than normal." He said.
"Now is the most brilliant flowers in the order of space charge and space j, two other boutique lotus is established in the open." Relevant personage introduces city bureau of parks and woods, xishan park since 2012 fine lotus exhibition, held for the first time, only about 500 cylinder for more than 20 varieties; Two years later, the park from anhui, hangzhou, guangzhou, nanning and other places to introduce the varieties of lotus, the exhibition this year because of the lotus increased to more than 80 varieties. In these fine varieties, has exhibited both normal basaltic red-violet, dragonfly, the ancient lotus, yat-sen lotus j, space charge, space, etc., and the new introduction of shuguang, pink peony, lady enforcers, chang e, Snow White and so on. One big light is now in full bloom, the pattern, design and color is bright, in the introduction of new varieties with high ornamental value; Move on this year's basaltic red-violet is a special skill, very rare, the variety has lost nearly half a century, the transformation of nanjing xuanwu lake is dry, cause the seeds buried in the mud to see the sun, in turn, germination, this is a well-known varieties to reopen, at present, the lotus varieties in the western hills has expanded by 1 strain originally introduced to 9 strains.