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Hualien, Taiwan folks into Guilin Yan Shan: to Yanshan like going home

Date: 2013-06-24

June 21 morning, Hualien County minority visiting delegation 35 Taroko, Amis folks walked into the beautiful mountains of Guilin Yan Yan Town, the town folks friendship with geese. Yanshan person's enthusiasm for Hualien folks feeling: to Yanshan like going home!

  To hear folks visiting Hualien, geese town folks organized the gathering, welcome to Hualien from afar compatriots. Yan Liang Feng Town, the village committee director, enriching agricultural manager Tan Chunsheng also advance to the fraternity hall waiting, hope, and not long ago in the Hualien to meet friends know you talked about. In April this year, the first batch of leisure farms in Guangxi Tan Chunsheng as suzerain representatives to exchange Hualien County, Hualien participate in organized leisure farms main courses between Guangxi and Taiwan, and Hualien plantation owners "twinning" to learn Hualien County leisure farm business philosophy, management methods.

  Into the fraternity field, Yanshan and Hualien two folks feel at home, have shook hands and embraced, as the long-awaited family meet. Amis from Hualien "Sweetheart" is a dance dedicated to the Yanshan bring enthusiasm folks happy jolly atmosphere. Hualien County Rural villagers on behalf of Vice Chairman Wu Jia Ni said, "Today, we went home, really home! Yanshan brothers and sisters are so enthusiastic, so we feel like at home as well."

  Association, the Guilin Yanshan District Standing Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Li told visiting Hualien folks welcomed and introduced the wild mountain development. Hualien delegation OF RADIO, "said closer cross-strait exchanges, Guangxi and Hualien, Guilin and Sau are the ethnic minority areas, culture and customs connected, the people friendly and warm, thanks to the hospitality of Yanshan folks, welcome to the folks Yanshan much to Hualien. "

  2010, Guilin Yan Yan mountain town and Hualien County Township became friendly towns, three years ago, the two sides several delegations visits, in ecological agriculture, tourism and other aspects of the exchange of experience, to achieve the normalization of friendly exchanges between Guangxi and Taiwan township technology. 2013 economic and cultural cooperation between Guangxi and Taiwan during the forum, Liang Yan Town, Village and Hualien County Sau Lin Xiangchong de village signed a memorandum of cooperation exchanges and contacts, exchanges will be extended to the village township exchanges, the two sides to further deepen exchanges and cooperation