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Travel to Guilin city were moving world has received more than 150 foreign heads of state dignitaries

Date: 2013-07-05

As one of China's first tourist city opening up 40 years, Guilin has always been to continue to explore their own advantage before the trip. Investigate its actually, it comes from deep in the city's unparalleled heritage, one kind by the extreme natural beauty and rich history and rich cultural heritage of the common heritage.

    It can be said to fully exploit the tourist city of Guilin's natural beauty, history and culture of alcohol; rather clever fusion of these two has become an integral part of the Guilin Tourism meaning and impetus to the development. This also allows the southwest corner of the city of Guilin somewhat renowned overseas, were moving world.

    Wonderland fame Guilin

    Back in time to 1973, Guilin, China's first batch of open tourist cities. Guilin has 2000 years of history, because of the coincidence of the historical opportunity to become China tour of the "pioneer."

    Said to be "coincidence", not all. Guilin's strange, is it a tourist city inevitable. Unique karst landforms and beautiful Li River, Guilin is a tourist attraction unique conditions.

    Guilin Li River is the mother river, it is the soul of Guilin. Throughout the ages, countless writers and poets as intoxicated by the beauty of the Li River.

    A writer Han Yu Tang "Jiangzuo Qing Luo belt, mountains such as the Jade Hairpin" ink landscape painting like the one presented in front of the world views of the Li River. The Song Dynasty poet Wang successful one "Semiotic," wrote Guilin more world-renowned eternal farewell.

    Initially in the development of modern tourism, Guilin main reception outside the main thing, which is why, by word of mouth, Guilin, beautiful landscapes around the world began to emerge.

    Former U.S. President Richard Nixon visit Guilin, said: "I have visited the size of the city, there is no one comparable to Guilin beautiful."

    Former U.S. President Clinton's visit Guilin, said: "Guilin very beautiful, I was impressed." He even To see more of the landscape of Guilin, Guilin stay much longer than the planned time, it can be said is unprecedented .

    According to statistics, there including former U.S. President Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, etc., more than 150 foreign heads of state, politicians have to Guilin study tours. Guilin's international influence is evident.

    After the Third Plenary Session of China tourism tide of reform and opening up gradually explore the market, industrialization of the road. Guilin also will increase the investment in the tourism industry, and created with Beijing, Xi'an, Hangzhou and other places alongside tourism brand, Guilin China also became an important part of tourism brand.

    Guilin in national policies and the dual power struggling to explore, under, after the initial 10 years of development, Guilin and gradually formed a "three mountains two holes a river" (Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Folded Brocade Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Crags and Lijiang) initial travel patterns.

    Can say that God's favor to have a very beautiful landscape of Guilin, Guilin, also gave people confidence and confidence to build a tourist destination.

    Highlighting the city's historic soul of Guilin

    The city's development is inseparable from the history and culture bedding, profound historical and cultural heritage is a soul of the city.

    Late 1980s, China's tourism industry already has a considerable scale. Tai'an, Huangshan and a number of tourist cities rise, the domestic tourism market began competing source and quality of service situation. Guilin Guilin rulers and then people began to realize that the landscapes of Guilin tourism as the only advantage has been unable to meet the needs of tourists.

    Since then, two other Guilin Tourism distinct theme --- long history and culture, to protect the good ecological and ethnic customs official coming into view.

     Guilin 2000 years of history and culture, to the city left a very rich cultural resources.

     Historically, Guilin and the multi-ethnic herein referred to as "Baiyue." Today, Guilin, still inhabited by the Han, Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Dong ethnic groups. Different ethnic bred their own unique culture, religion, customs and even architectural forms, which also makes the national customs and culture has become Guilin history and culture in a wonderful work. Especially ethnic festivals epitomizes the meaning of national culture, such as the March Zhuang, Yao King Pan Festival, Dong Dong Festival.

    "Eco-tourism and historical and cultural tourism, especially understanding offsite alien customs, history and culture of tourism trends, promote the development of tourism in China and the world." Guangxi Normal University, former deputy director of the Tourism Institute Zhouzuo Ming said that the development of historical and cultural Guilin tourism resources have been gradually recognized that a single tourist landscapes rational thinking to get new sublimation.

     Since then, the pioneers of Guilin in the face of challenges taken the pace of exploration.

     After the 1990s, Jingjiang King City, Guihai Beilin, Larix Lingqu, Dragon yaozhai, golden bamboo Zhuang Village, Dong Silver kiosk and a number of historical and cultural landscape gradually develop and open.

     1998, Guilin combined city become a "Guilin" after, they opened a new era in Guilin, extends from the city to the suburbs, from the suburban counties of radiation to the overall tourism development and construction in full swing. After several years of vigorous construction, Guilin Lijiang Barry Gallery formed the core, heritage tourism, mountain climbing wading, farm experience, ethnic minorities and other projects complementary composite tourism product structure.

     Gui Lin Tianliang cultural landscape colors

     If history cultural heritage of Guilin Tourism adds heavy feeling, then the cultural landscape of Guilin Tourism Tim was a red-letter.

     Transformation in the tourism development, Guilin landscape will look into the right resources and cultural heritage of the packaging.

     2004, Guilin landscape to create the world's largest real drama --- "Impression." The performance of real landscape to create a precedent for China's repertoire, the Third Sister Liu folk songs, the Lijiang River fishing boat and Zhuang style seamlessly integrated into the landscape, restore the natural. Since the 2004 premiere, the "Impression" has maintained a nationwide audience performances industry most influential annual turnover of the highest status, known as "China's tourism and cultural industries top brands."

     "Impression" success, not only become the myth of Chinese tourism is Guilin Tourism as a "legend." After this, the country's major tourist cities set off a boom, a variety of live performance projects have sprung up.

     However, an "impression" insufficient alone to shoulder the task of transformation and upgrading of Guilin. This year, aimed at the city emblem of Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill, Jingjiang Palace.

     March 12 this year, a new travel experience project "Elephant & Legends" officially begins. As night fell, the "Wizard" who in the Lijiang River in Guilin city emblem --- Elephant Trunk Hill under active; ancient form of Guilin, the birth and life of ancient ritual celebrations, the entire live performance in the high tech dream phantom imaging techniques such as deductive Magic.

     The Solitary Beauty Peak · King City area subsequently announced that it will build a large panoramic experience in the area show "Night King City." · King City area to Solitary Beauty Peak few resource-based text brigade by theme creativity, design, packaging, in order to create a flow of scenic performances, historical review to show China in cultural traditions.

     From the "Impression" to "Elephant & Legends" and then has begun to build the "Night King City," Guilin tourism with its own unique heritage, the natural landscape and the clever fusion of historical and cultural heritage, for the world to provide a oriental beauty paradigm.

     Guilin cited leisure travel trend of the first

     In the 21st century, the global tourism opportunities and challenges facing the development, China's tourism development sought by the "big" to "strong" transformation.

     In 2009, six municipal third plenary session clearly stated that "tourism city" goal, the resource-oriented tourism development model, based on the exploration of new path of development.

     Since then, tourism has risen to new heights of urban development strategy.

     Guilin people rely on their own wisdom and creativity, to Guilin in the reform tide turned again calmly. Scenic sightseeing tour before positive financial history, culture and ethnic folk cultural appreciation, outdoor sports, entertainment, convention and resort in one of the new travel style.

     November 2009, held in Guilin, the Third United Nations World Tourism Organization / PATA Travel Trends and Prospects international forums as the opening ceremony of the forum confirmed Guilin permanent venue.

     Guilin International Tourism Forum settle accident, it is the strength of Guilin tourism development as well as our performance.

    "With the Guilin and international forums increasingly close relationship between the 'Guilin' will become an international forum full of iconic and influential LOGO (logo). Until then, people will say that this is a global tourism research 'Guilin Forum'. "Executive Director of the United Nations World Tourism Organization so Dan · Suomo Ji Guilin MICE tourism is full of expectations.

    June 19 this year, another regional conference --- 2013 Mekong Tourism Forum Tourism Forum for the first time held in Guilin, Guilin, which once again demonstrates the attractiveness of the exhibition tour.

    Meanwhile, Guilin is committed to creating more travel experience for tourists, leisure life, allowing visitors to slow down the pace in Guilin, showing a "slow travel Guilin," the new way to travel.

    Now, in Guilin, Yangshuo particular, many tourists in Lijiang River, Yulong River, or rent a bike roaming Shilihualang, or go to the countryside in hiking, climbing the rock wall side ...... the traditional tourist attractions but they resort living in a choice has not the necessary tourism trip point.

    For them, Guilin leisure is a way of life.

    Practice has proved that, Guilin tourism in the leisure travel transformation has taken first step to success. Today, the construction of Guilin international tourist destination on the national strategic level of Guilin Tourism given a new mission. The ancient city rich in charm and charm constantly being released into the atmosphere worldwide melodious