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Check Lijiang Waterfall Hotel two rivers and four lakes cool trips

Date: 2013-08-06

Height of summer, summer heat, head to the beautiful clear water Xiushan Guilin. There breeze sometimes skirt lifted Lijiang, attracted green crisp sound waves; there surrounded by peaks with dancing water, the only discern the Elephant Trunk of spirit; where it is most appropriate to the size of a joint tour.

Two rivers and four lakes summer resort

Guilin to "clear mountain, hills, odd holes, stone beauty" as the "four no" reputation at home and abroad. Quiet, beautiful Yangshuo, people are willing to go alone to enjoy a lazy person's quiet; Lijiang River in Guilin claims representatives, both Guilin "four no", bamboo raft down the two sides, such as picture-like scenery Xiuse start slowly, so that people feel in the middle of a wonderful painting. The most noteworthy is the icing on the cake for the Guilin scenery of the "two rivers and four lakes." It is the largest in the history of Guilin environmental projects will Banyan Lake, Cedar Lake, Guihu, Wood Lake four Neihu connection Lijiang River, the formation of water around the city tour will be accommodated in Lianjiang pick Guilin scenery of Lake band .

"Two Rivers and Four Lakes" presents us truly "wild Shiqianfeng ring stand, a city hold water flow" wonderful views, people's perception of the city and the landscape harmony. The most pleasant surprise is that the "two rivers and four lakes" in the night light against the background highlights the colorful, beautiful reverie mood, people in the water, the wind savor a phrase to the United States to the true state of mind.

     Comfortable to enjoy five-star hotel

After enjoying "Semiotic" the poetic, visitors will be able to stay in Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel. It is in accordance with international five-star hotel standard decoration, attention to guests' visual experience. Located in the center of Guilin Li River shore, overlooking the Elephant Trunk Hill and Seven Star Park, hotel transport, tourism, shopping is very convenient. Quiet, surrounded by green fall back, surrounded by trees. Hotel's unique "Galaxy nine days" Large man-made waterfall, 72 meters wide upper and lower 75 meters wide, the water height of 45 meters, is a must-see night of tourists to Guangxi, has been included in Guinness World Records.